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Binaural Crystal Clear

To really experience music and feel its message and emotion, you should be able to hear
every detail and mood-influencing nuance; the saxophonist breathing or the guitarist sliding
his fingers across the strings! So we design our filters with our heads and our ears. The
combination of carefully selected components, superior build quality and circuit designs
with the simplest, shortest, most symmetrical signal paths help to provide you with the
lowest noise and distortion levels and guarantee total satisfaction.

About the Binaural Crystal Clear.
In 2004 Binaural developed a brand new filter type for the high end AV market. Our models combined original circuit design with rational approach and aesthetic appeal. Not only helped these models to establish the Binaural name and brand in the audio world, but also influenced the direction that audio evolution has taken since then.

The Binaural Crystal Clear is the solution to prevent all kinds of pollution from your power source. As there are many different types of pollution which have a very negative impact on sound like: Spikes, DC, Common mode and Differential mode.  When your power source is polluted with one ore more of these types your AV equipment won’t show you the very high end. To prevent this problem we develop our Crystal Clear.

What are the benefits for you to purchase a Crystal Clear?

There are a number of answers to this question. In the first place take a look at the technique applied in the Crystal Clear. The Crystal Clear is the only filter in the market which cleans in stadiums all types of pollution on the three wires of your power source. Furthermore we work with a self regulated filter which detect when the current is too high (spikes) and removes it from the incoming power source. This filter works from open to totally close in less then 2 uS. All kinds of symmetrical pollution will be removed in the very large common mode choke.  Last but not least there is also a differential mode filter. This filter type cancels all types op pollution which is only active on one of the wires of your power source.
Most filter types in the market today are filters with components in the flow of the current. Heavy equipment like your power amp can’t be connected to this filter type because they didn’t sound right. Not enough bass and a slow and dull sound is the result. When you connect your AV equipment to a Crystal Clear your sound is much faster and the bass is tighter than ever before. This because a Crystal Clear is built fully symmetrical without any component in the flow path. Therefore the Binaural Crystal Clear is the only filter in the market with a current level capability of a incredible 16 ampere@230Vac continuous.
Besides the above mentioned advantages there are even more reasons to purchase a Crystal Clear. The Crystal Clear is the only filter with a ultra low power consumption, in fact it only uses some energy when there is some pollution on your power source.

And when you take a look to the enclosure you only see magnificent materials. Build robust, and with side panels from solid walnut wood. ( other wood types optional available ) All Crystal Clear come with a real eye catcher build in the front panel, our logo, the two sphinxes and the omega in a pyramid shape lights up with a blue flame like led ( other colours on request )
  • Reference Series full balanced power filter
  • Ultra stabile power output of 3680 Watts@230Vac
  • Audiophile symmetrical circuit concept
  • Instantaneous current delivery capability
  • Current level capability of a incredible 16 ampere@230Vac
  • Symmetrical common mode choke
  • Ultra low power consumption
  • Rigid chassis construction with anti magnetic stainless steel body and top cover
  • Side panels are made from solid 45 mm thick walnut wood*
  • Multi wiring, every output has its own cable
  • Solid silver print board
  • Binaural shielded power cable included
10 outlets (16Amp max. over all outputs)
Current stabilisation
Class A filtration
Power Supply
Earthed contacts
Power choke
Double common mode choke
Neutrik Powercon/ 230Vac/16Amp.
Symmetrical PCB Layout
Anti magnetic stainless steel
High Grade Audio Components
Customized Components
Anti magnetic stainless steel
On/off switch
Display/colour *1
( blue )
Transient filter
Common mode filter
Differential filter
Zero feedback filter
High frequency filter
Phase marking
(in-, outputs are marked)
Power cable
Binaural High End Power Cord
Print board
Standby mode
Display material
Input type
Neutrik Powercon, 20Amp
Balanced design
Floating output
Power Output
3680 Watts
Frequency Range
50 Hz
Surge protection
352.000 Amp@2/5uS
Energy absorption
5940 Watt max@2mS
Max energy absorption, Pmax
44 Watt
2x 8 Amp (slow blow)
Black/ walnut wood
Front Panel
Anti magnetic RVS
Remote Control
Power Consumption
3680 Watts@230Vac
Detachable Power Cable
Dimensions wxdxh(mm)
460 x 455 x 240 mm
Aprox 25Kg
Cable length*3
2 meter
Paint enclosure
Heat resistant powder coat
Paint walnut wood
2K, high gloss, 5 layers
*1 Other LED colours optional
*2 Other types of powder coat and wood optional
*3 Other cable lengths optional
binaural crystal clear
Binaural Crystal Clear
Product Options
#OptionPriceSale PriceSales TaxWeight
1standard version€2,701.68Band 135.00 kilo
With track and trace and insurance up to €500,- (Shipping Zones by Country)
WeightZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4Zone 5
0.00 kilo€8.60€14.65€20.15€20.95€25.95
2.00 kilo€8.60€14.65€20.15€20.95€25.95
5.00 kilo€8.60€21.15€26.65€27.95€35.95
10.00 kilo€8.60€26.65€32.65€33.95€59.95
20.00 kilo€14.90€35.65€41.65€43.95€106.95
30.00 kilo€14.90€46.65€56.65€0.00€0.00
With track and trace and insurance up to €5500,- (Shipping Zones by Country)
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0.00 kilo€14.45€20.50€26.00€26.80€31.80
2.00 kilo€14.45€20.50€32.50€26.80€31.80
5.00 kilo€14.45€27.00€38.50€33.80€41.80
10.00 kilo€14.45€32.50€47.50€39.80€65.80
20.00 kilo€20.75€41.50€47.50€49.80€112.80
30.00 kilo€20.75€52.50€62.50€0.00€0.00
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WeightZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4Zone 5
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Order Binaural Crystal Clear standard version @ €2,701.68