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Binaural monitor speaker

This relative small monitor speaker has an open baffle enclosure. This means that there is no backside in the speaker. Because of this there is no enclosure or bass reflex port sound. Our open baffle speaker is one of the most accurate speaker systems for both studio and living room.

The speaker components are made by PHY-HP. These handcrafted speakers have a coil made from very pure silver wire and an isolation from silk. The super tweeter has a very high impedance and for this reason this speaker don’t need an crossover at all.

This speaker is available in an oil/beeswax finish or spray painted in their original wood colour. Other colours are available on request.

Delivered as a stereo set. Multi channel set is available on request. Price/ stereo set.

Binaural monitor speaker
Binaural monitor speaker
Product Options
#OptionPriceSale PriceSales TaxWeight
1Oil/ Beeswax€7,800.00Band 170.00 kilo
2Spray painted€8,000.00Band 170.00 kilo
With track and trace and insurance up to €500,- (Shipping Zones by Country)
WeightZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4Zone 5
0.00 kilo€8.60€14.65€20.15€20.95€25.95
2.00 kilo€8.60€14.65€20.15€20.95€25.95
5.00 kilo€8.60€21.15€26.65€27.95€35.95
10.00 kilo€8.60€26.65€32.65€33.95€59.95
20.00 kilo€14.90€35.65€41.65€43.95€106.95
30.00 kilo€14.90€46.65€56.65€0.00€0.00
With track and trace and insurance up to €5500,- (Shipping Zones by Country)
WeightZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4Zone 5
0.00 kilo€14.45€20.50€26.00€26.80€31.80
2.00 kilo€14.45€20.50€32.50€26.80€31.80
5.00 kilo€14.45€27.00€38.50€33.80€41.80
10.00 kilo€14.45€32.50€47.50€39.80€65.80
20.00 kilo€20.75€41.50€47.50€49.80€112.80
30.00 kilo€20.75€52.50€62.50€0.00€0.00
Pick up (you have to pick up your goods, not possible in combination with Paypal) (Shipping Zones by Country)
WeightZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4Zone 5
0.00 kilo€0.00€0.00€0.00€0.00€0.00
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