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  • Headphone Tube Amplifier

    Headphone Tube Amplifier
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  • Binaural monitor speaker

    Binaural monitor speaker
  • Isolation transformer

    Isolation transformer
  • Binaural Thunderstorm FX

    Binaural Thunderstorm FX
  • A Binaural journey through Japan

    A Binaural journey through Japan
  • Binaural Phase Tester

    Binaural Phase Tester
  • Binaural Acoustical Art

    Binaural Acoustical Art
  • Binaural Power Cord

    Binaural Power Cord
  • Binaural Crystal Clear

    Binaural Crystal Clear
  • Binaural Surge Master

    Binaural Surge Master
  • Modified Klipsch Heresy

    Modified Klipsch Heresy
  • Binaural open baffle speaker

    Binaural open baffle speaker
  • Nano Carbon Interlink

    Nano Carbon Interlink
  • Speaker/amplifier switch

    Speaker/amplifier switch
  • Passive preamplifier

    Passive preamplifier
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CD, DVD and Blu-ray production

We are the one and only manufacturer of high end optical disc material and we only use top end optical disk material. Every disc which leaves our production facility has the same performance as the master! We can help you with every step in the processsuch as: authoring, art work, production, packaging, distribution etc. We have very short production times no matter of you need just a few disks with your logo or a order of many thousands of disks with full colour print and booklet. Because every order is fitted to your specifications we do our best to give you the best value for your money. Please contact us for more information and prices.

We can produce:

  •  games
  • DVD
  • DVD-Audio
  • Blu-ray
  • CD
  • CD-ROM
  • USB sticks
  • lp
  • booklets
  • special packaging
  • special optical disks for archiving data