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Nano Carbon Interlink

Our new Nano Carbon Interlink cable is made from Nano Carbon fibre and a special mixture of natural fibres, oils and waxes. Most cables in the market today has a metal conductor (copper, silver, gold) and a insulation made from plastic. Plastics and metals react like a filter and will limit the bandwidth and dynamics of the signal. The result, most cables won´t sound like it should be. When using our Binaural Nano Carbon Fibre Interlink you will hear a very clean and analog sound. Even after hours of listening pleasure you won´t have listening fatigue.

All our cables are balanced and we are using a high performance screen to keep noise out of the cable and we always use two separate conductors for the signal. For best performance we suggest to order a cable always as short as possible but without any tension on the plug.

  • the only cable without a own sound, you can describe it as dynamic, crisp high tones, warm and with very good bass performance, even at low volume. Most users experience that they listen to a live performance instead of a recording.
  • every set is custom build and hand made to your specifications.
  • every set is tested both by ear and measuring before leaving our factory.
  • can be ordered with an unbalanced rca plug or as an balanced cable with xlr plugs.
  • can be ordered in 50, 75 or 100cm length as a matched pair.
  • can be ordered with a Eichmann Silver Bullet plug, a WBT plug, or a Neutrik XLR plug.
  • normal cables works like a antenna, small signals will be amplified in your amplifier and pollute the signal. Because Nano Carbon won’t react like an antenna there is no signal pollution and a much cleaner signal will reach your amplifier.
  • Our cables wont react as an lc filter/ capacitor because of the lack of metals/plastics so you didn’t have any signal loss.

Our Nano Carbon cable can be ordered in 9 different combinations:

  1. Eichmann Silver Bullet plug, length 50, 75 or 100cm
  2. WBT Nextgen plug, length 50, 75 or 100cm
  3. Neutrik XLR-3 gold plug, balanced configuration, length 50, 75 or 100cm
Binaural Nano Carbon Interlink
Product Options
#OptionPriceSale PriceSales TaxWeight
1Silver Bullit plug 50cm-pair€475.00€475.00Band 12.00 kilo
2Silver Bullit plug 75cm-pair€475.00€475.00Band 12.00 kilo
3Silver Bullit plug 100cm-pair€475.00€475.00Band 12.00 kilo
4WBT Nextgen plug 50cm-pair€475.00€475.00Band 12.00 kilo
5WBT Nextgen plug 75cm-pair€475.00€475.00Band 12.00 kilo
6WBT Nextgen plug 100cm-pair€475.00€475.00Band 12.00 kilo
7Neutrik XLR 50cm-pair€475.00€475.00Band 12.00 kilo
8Neutrik XLR 75cm-pair€475.00€475.00Band 12.00 kilo
9Neutrik XLR 100cm-pair€475.00€475.00Band 12.00 kilo
With track and trace and insurance up to €500,- (Shipping Zones by Country)
WeightZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4Zone 5
0.00 kilo€8.60€14.65€20.15€20.95€25.95
2.00 kilo€8.60€14.65€20.15€20.95€25.95
With track and trace and insurance up to €5500,- (Shipping Zones by Country)
WeightZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4Zone 5
0.00 kilo€14.45€20.50€26.00€26.80€31.80
2.00 kilo€14.45€20.50€32.50€26.80€31.80
Pick up (you have to pick up your goods, not possible in combination with Paypal) (Shipping Zones by Country)
WeightZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4Zone 5
0.00 kilo€0.00€0.00€0.00€0.00€0.00
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