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  • Headphone Tube Amplifier

    Headphone Tube Amplifier
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  • Binaural monitor speaker

    Binaural monitor speaker
  • Isolation transformer

    Isolation transformer
  • Binaural Thunderstorm FX

    Binaural Thunderstorm FX
  • A Binaural journey through Japan

    A Binaural journey through Japan
  • Binaural Phase Tester

    Binaural Phase Tester
  • Binaural Acoustical Art

    Binaural Acoustical Art
  • Binaural Power Cord

    Binaural Power Cord
  • Binaural Crystal Clear

    Binaural Crystal Clear
  • Binaural Surge Master

    Binaural Surge Master
  • Modified Klipsch Heresy

    Modified Klipsch Heresy
  • Binaural open baffle speaker

    Binaural open baffle speaker
  • Nano Carbon Interlink

    Nano Carbon Interlink
  • Speaker/amplifier switch

    Speaker/amplifier switch
  • Passive preamplifier

    Passive preamplifier
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Binaural has lots of engineering, technical and production knowledge and services which are unique in the market. We helped both individual people and companies with their production problems in the last years. We can help you from idea to product realisation and even after that with  marketing tools such as photo, video, DTP, web design and web hosting. Binaural is the only partner you will need to realize your idea!

Some of our clients/projects in the last few years:

  • Morton/ Autoliv, designing parts for the production machinery and developing the welding proces on live explosives for the airbag industry
  • Bavak, project and construction manager of the biggest Rontgen camera in the world
  • Mamiya, building several camera tools for the high end photo market such as 3D applications, Light Speed Trigger, LED photo and video light
  • Paccus, developing the production process for a hydraulic joystick
  • De audio fabriek, amplifiers and power filters
  • Analogue Audio Products, developing power filtersand nano cable for the high end audio market
  • Vivaria, climate controllers for aquarium, terrarium and vivarium
  • Culligan, design and prototyping of reversed osmosis equipment
  • Doscha BV, design and testing of acoustical materials
  • STS Digital, building custom made studio equipment
  • Realistic 3D, 3D microphones and 3D camera systems
  • Bammens, sound reduction for containers and energy winning out of waste
  • Submersible video equipment for underwater productions
  • Non metal non plastic cable products for high end audio applications
  • flying photo and video equipment for aerial productions
  • lots of cd/dvd/ dvd-a/blu ray productions for artists worldwide, production houses and broadcast facilities
  • lots of webdesign and in house hosting
  • studio design
  • lots of video/photo productions
  • audio research and measuring